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The newest iPhone se2 charging power and charging time description
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The newest iPhone se2 charging power and charging time description

2216 2020-04-30 CHC Electronic

iPhone charging and battery life have always been the focus of attention of fruit fans. On the evening of April 15th, a new iPhone was officially launched on Apple ’s official website, officially named iPhone se second generation (not iPhone9), so how much charging power does the new iPhone se have?let's take a look at the iPhone se2's performance in terms of charging and battery life in the following article.

So the question is how to achieve fast charging iPhone se2?

 With the 5v1a charging set included with the iPhone se2, it takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery. This speed will waste a lot of waiting time for daily use. How to make iPhone se2 realize fast charging?

Obviously,it is very simple.Using  CHAOPAI PD fast cable  kit to turn on its fast charging mode.


After switching to PD18W fast charging, iPhone se2 can be fully charged with 50% power in 30 minutes and 100% power in about an hour and a half, greatly reducing the charging waiting time. It is very convenient for daily use, especially for emergency travel.


he above is the introduction of the charging power and charging time of the iPhone se2. For more popular science related to the fast charging of the iPhone se2, welcome to pay attention to the official website of CHC

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